Jackie Evershed

Front-End Web Developer


Hi! Call me Jackie. I am a front-end web developer who just finished HackerYou’s intensive coding bootcamp. I am looking to merge the exciting medium of the web with my passion and knowledge for design and communications. I am driven to develop websites that are not only beautiful and creative, but give intuitive and engaging user experiences as well. Although my education and strengths are in design, I am most excited to continue building my JavaScript skills as I love how powerful that programming language can be!

When not developing, I’m sure to be geeking out over something else. I am a big lover of comic books, video games, and movies, but you’re just as likely to find me reading a fashion magazine or at a Jays game. I like to think these hobbies not only shape who I am, but inspire┬ámy creativity and coding skills as well!

Developer Toolbox


Hyper-Text Markup Language is used to add content to a website.


Cascading Style Sheets are what gives design and style to the HTML content.


The language that brings functionality to a website.


A JavaScript library that brings efficiency to writing JavaScript.


The powerful development platform that allows for dynamic content such as blog posts.


The language that WordPress is built on. It allows for dynamic content.


JQuery & API

The Complement Closet

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, API

The Complement Closet solves a question many people have: do these clothes look good together? Using the ShopStyle API, a user can scroll through items of their choice for outfit inspiration.

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Spark6 Date Generator

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

Using JavaScript and JQuery, me and a team created a fun date recommendation generator based on a user's input.

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Responsive PSD

Trada Agency Site


Trada is a Photoshop theme that I converted into a site with HTML and CSS. Our challenge was not only to match the design pixel-perfectly, but to make it responsive for any screen size.

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Forty-Five Degrees

HTML, CSS, & WordPress

This project required taking a Photoshop file and turning it into a live Wordpress site. The goal was not only to match the styles used in the Photoshop theme, but to allow the site to dynamically create content with WordPress.

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UX/UI Design


HTML, SASS, JavaScript, PHP, Craft CMS

Parsel was a beauty publication that curated content from the most stylish social media influencers.

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UX/UI Design

Interactive Shopping Player

HTML, SASS, Sketch

This video player was interactive so shoppers could purchase products featured in the video!

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