Mobile First Design

Mobile First is a concept made popular by Luke Wroblewski, who wrote the book “Mobile First” in 2011 and is a Product Director at Google. Mobile First is the idea that websites should be designed for mobile first, and then given added content and capabilities for tablet and desktop. This concept is becoming more popular based on the explosion of mobile use and capabilities.

Due to a smaller screen size and data limitations on phones, designers and developers must strip the content down only to the essentials, which creates a more concise design. Mobile phones have technology that developers should keep in mind when developing sites. GPS, compasses, and touch screen gestures are great features that should be taken advantage of!

When designing for mobile first, you must consider that network connections won’t be as fast as desktop ones. With that in mind, designs must have important and relevant information, and get rid of superfluous items such as decorative images, content, and features. This leads to both better design and better performance.

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