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This is where I keep small projects, thoughts, and UX/UI concepts. You can find my Daily UI work here!

User Profile

  This prompt was for a user profile… but often with these prompts I have to think about a (UI prompt here) for what? I think Daily UI is great for designers, but I’d love for there to be a … Continue reading

App Icon

  The challenge was to design an icon for an app. It took me a while to figure out what kind of app I’d like to design for, but I thought about a magazine reader app I have called Zinio. … Continue reading


A design professor once told me, “You don’t need to reinvent the wheel.” When given this prompt, I looked to the current calculator app on iOs. It’s already a great, clean design that does everything you want it to do. … Continue reading

Landing Page

  This is a concept for the landing banner for a furniture store. The idea is that one beautiful pieces of furniture can change the feeling of a room. The idea behind this banner is that a user can press … Continue reading

Credit Card Checkout

  This is a mock-up for a checkout page, specifically the credit card portion of the procedure. The top banner both divides checkout into simpler steps while also showing progression. A fixed banner on the right side also shows all … Continue reading

Sign-Up Page

This is the first prompt of the Daily UI challenge which I am using for prompts for design! When doing a sign-up page for mobile, a nice consideration is to fit everything on the screen so it’ easy to find … Continue reading

Mobile First Design

Mobile First is a concept made popular by Luke Wroblewski, who wrote the book “Mobile First” in 2011 and is a Product Director at Google. Mobile First is the idea that websites should be designed for mobile first, and then … Continue reading

Float Like a Butterfly

Floats can be a very tricky CSS property to use but with some practice, floated items can be super rewarding! Two bonuses of using floats are Internet Explorer is compatible with them and position absolute items play nice. Flex-box, while … Continue reading