Forty-Five Degrees

Built with HTML, CSS, & WordPress

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Forty-Five Degrees is a theme for WordPress. It is a design I purchased from ThemeForest and then developed into a living, breathing WordPress site! The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it lets a client control the content on their website without knowing any HTML. This is because this product is built with a database and the coding language PHP.

Some skills and languages developed in this project include:

  • Creating a database and running sites on a local server with MAMP
  • Using PHP to dynamically generate content
  • Understanding how the WordPress dashboard works
  • Custom Field Types and Custom Post Types WordPress Plugins
  • Improved HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills through implementing them with dynamically generated code
  • WordPress deployment

I really enjoyed this project because it was the first time I saw a site dynamically generate content. When I understood how WordPress could pull certain content and information when called upon, I was wowed by its efficiency, as I felt we had been repeating code prior to this project. Learning how to make a multi-page site this quickly was incredibly empowering!