JQuery & API

The Complement Closet

Built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, API

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The Complement Closet is an API project developed with the ShopStyle API. This site was made to help people understand what colours go together to make a great outfit! It was inspired by my love of fashion and how my family often asks for advice.

Skills developed in this project include:

  • Sending an AJAX request to a remote API
  • JavaScript and JQuery Skills
  • Design and responsiveness
  • Using Postman Chrome Plugin to access API objects

This project was a lot of fun to make! I found the ShopStyle API very well documented and intuitive to use, and it gave back a large number of results. I used some of the API filtering options to only request sites that photographed their clothing in a way that was compatible with the site. This is the site I made that I use the most, as I think it is great for outfit inspiration!