Responsive PSD

Trada Agency Site

Built with HTML & CSS

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Trada is an agency site design that I developed into a fully responsive design. This project used HTML and CSS to create a site that not only matches a pre-made design pixel perfectly, but looks good on any screen size or device as well!

The skills developed in this project were:

  • Using Media Queries to create a responsive site
  • SASS & SCSS to give our CSS styling super-powers!
  • Design skills in mobile and tablet sizes

I think this project was fun because we could develop the design for multiple sizes, and there was a lot of room to be creative! Keep an eye on the section with a skull image, as it’s placed in an interesting relationship to the text based on the size of the screen! This site is truly responsive, as this giant one-page site has been developed with a dozen media queries to give a beautiful and clean experience at any size!